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“Adoration of all body types”

Toni Robinson the creator of Natty Royals began her company the Summer of 2017, in St. Louis, MO, as she was beginning her journey of weight loss, spiritual awakening, and increasing her ability to self-love.

Natty Royals has appeared in multiple vendor showcases throughout the Greater St. Louis Area and Chicago, IL. After relocating to Houston, TX in January 2020 and becoming a 200hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), Toni began deepening her knowledge on the healing powers of crystals. By adding different crystals to our waist beads we help to promote healing within our wombs. Each piece is created from a place of humbleness, gratitude, and thankfulness; thankful to The Creator, to the earth, our bodies, and thankful to our magic.

As a black owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on handcrafting products that serve all needs of the body. Our products are either handmade by Natty Royals or from Ghana. With this you know your purchase is made intentionally by people who live the black experience. At Natty Royals, adoration for all body types is embedded in the spirit of our products. These pieces are curated with the intention of helping you feel good & inspiring your spiritual awakening.

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